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Standard Delivery

Your package will arrive in 7 to 10 business days or less from the day we receive your order.

Add up to three days for orders shipped to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Standard Delivery Charge to Each Address

Continental U.S.Canada, Alaska, Hawaii (Parcel Post)Canada UPS*
Up to $20.00$5.00$9.00$27.50
$20.01 to $50.00$7.50$11.00$33.00
$50.01 to $90.00$9.00$25.00$36.50
$90.01 to $150.00$10.50$34.00$38.00
$150.01 to $190.00$12.00$43.00$42.00
$190.01 to $250.00$19.00$61.00$55.00
$250.01 to $400.00$26.00$75.00$62.00
$400.01 to $1000.00$38.00$93.00$71.00
$1000.01 and over$57.00UPS only$89.00

*Canada UPS shipping includes broker fee. Does not include GST tax.

Express Delivery

Your package will arrive in 2-3 business days. Add $15.00. (Continental U.S. only)

Overnight Delivery

Call your order in by 10 a.m. (Central Time) weekdays and your package will arrive by the next business afternoon. Add $27.00. (Continental U.S. only)