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Customer Comments

Satisfied customers are the best way to measure the success of any business. Read below comments from customers who have placed orders on the web site. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we like to receive them!

We are proud to make kitchen knives and utensils that are treasured by so many. Hopefully you agree that we offer the best of American Made quality, ingenuity and value!

What customers are saying about Rada’s products:

“My mother bought me my first set years ago and I love them. I don’t use anything else.”

“About 14 years ago I purchased my first pieces of cutlery from a friend who swore by them. I have used my set every day since that time. I still go to my knife drawer and although I have many sets of knifes I pick up my RADA knife I have the sharpener also. They have not disappointed me the first time. if they are a little dull I simply take the sharpener out and with a few licks its as sharp as ever. My daughter-in-law ask for a set of knifes for Christmas yours is the first thing I thought of. I looked you up on the web and here I am 14 years later and still one of your most loyal customers. I have purchased sets for both my daughters and now for my son and his wife.”

“A friend gave us a paring knife that quickly became the favorite knife of everyone in the house, especially when peeling and coring apples for 32 apple pies one week.”

“My mother introduced me to the paring knife 20 some years ago and I have loved ever since. My daughter just married and I want to pass this wonderful knife to her.”

“When I was a little girl the Ladies Aide sold these knives as a fund raiser. We always had what I referred to as “Little Silvery” the name I gave my favorite knive, the general paring knife. As an adult I hung on to “Little Silvery” for years and I still look for her today even though that knife has been missing for years. To date that little paring knife is by far the best knife I have ever used. I used my grandmothers, my mothers and then ofcourse my own. My grandmother has long since pass on, and until yesterday I knew of no source to replace my “Little Silvery”. I am so excited to once again have this knive that I have order several so I can give one to my sisters and my mother. They all loved”

“My daughter sold the knives through a school function and I was very impressed with the sharpness and durability”


“Received a gift set for our wedding 6 yrs. ago – love it!! Best knives I have. Finally found a flyer in a mailing – I am so excited to get your products!! Please send me a full line catalog.”

“My mom taught me to cook using these knives when I was a little girl and I have always wanted the same ones. She is still using hers to this day, everyday.”

“I’ve used Rada knives for a long time. I love them, they are definately the best knives!”

“These are the best knives that I have ever used. My husband and I have many of them already. Thanks for such a great inexpensive product.”

“I have used your product and I tell every one that it is the best cutlery available.”

“I bought my first knife at a flea market, and love it over my Chicago cutlery which I used for 25 years.”

“I had one of your knives years ago and loved it. When I ran across them again I bought 3 immediately. Especially happy to know they are made in the US and in my home state. Keep up the good work, I will spread the word.”

“I received 2 of your knives as a gift from a friend and have fallen in love with them. Thanks for great kitchen cutlery”